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With over 80% of oil and fuel system failures being caused by contaminants in the fluid, you can understand why the health of your fuels is so important to us. Even if failures don’t occur, these contaminants can drastically reduce your machine efficiency.

How can we help?

At the forefront of fuel cleanliness innovation, the DFU-1 is a versatile fuel filtration system designed to deliver maximum performance within a compact footprint. Owing to its compact design, the DFU-1 will work in almost any setting and comes with a range of options to suit your needs.

Using leading high capacity particulate elements, both solid and bacterial contaminants are removed from your fuels with ease. High performance, low cost filter cells ensure cleanliness levels of ISO 18/16/13 or better and make this the ultimate portable fuel filtration system.

Problems with water? At the cutting edge of water removal technology, Filtasorb2 cells not only facilitate removal of all free water but also 99.99% of entrained water to an incredible 100ppm or less.

The DFU-1 is exstensively specified into the portable gen-set, plant hire, rail and healthcare sectors but is ideal for a range of industries including; Construction equipment, power generation & generators, banking and data centres, injection moulding, manufacturing, mining, military, waste management, transport, aviation…and many more.

  • Up to 80L/min flow rate
  • Uses standard 110 or 220VAC mains electric
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile use and basement tank access
  • Extensive selection of filter inserts to suit every clean-up application
  • Pressure gauge indication of system performance
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • Suitable for most diesel and biodiesel (B100) fuels
  • Filter cells available to achieve 18/16/13 or better and under 100ppm

  • Clean, dry fuel ready for use when required
  • Recover and re-use contaminated fuels
  • Low running costs
  • Can be moved between tanks or dedicated to a single tank
  • Single pass cleanliness
  • Ideal for tank cleaning and fuel recover
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